Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Solar Plexus & Throat Chakras Show

So this week Tameko and I talked about the Throat chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra.  We picked these two chakras because we each have had issues with them.  I have had issues with healing my throat chakra (speaking my truth, allowing my feelings to show, expressing myself-creatively, and staying true to myself) and Tameko has had issues with healing her Solar Plexus Chakra (nurturing/honoring herself and not giving so much of herself to others).

We opened it up by discussing the imbalanced and balanced archetypes for each.  For the Solar Plexus, the imbalanced archetype is the Servant where the person does not honor themselves and doesn't realize they deserve better than what they are experiencing.  When balanced, the archetype turns into the Warrior.  For the Throat Chakra, the imbalanced archetype is called the Silent Child where the person holds back from speaking their truth or showing their emotions. When balanced, this is the Communicator archetype.

Tameko went through brief descriptions for each chakra. Like how the Solar Plexus is symbolized by the color yellow and Earth element.  It deals with power, anger, confidence, and self esteem issues.  Health issues when imbalanced could be diabetes, stomach ulcers, or increased belly weight to name a few.  For the Throat chakra, it is symbolized by the color blue and is related to the ear chakras and the sound element.  This is all about creativity, self expression, speaking our truth, and honesty.  Some health issues if imbalanced could be throat, neck, and thyroid problems.

Some of the tips we had for the Throat chakra were expressing yourself more: talking, writing, singing, video blogging, etc.  Just allowing yourself to feel your feelings, and express however you are feeling or thinking to anyone around you.  Truly communicating, by balancing talking and listening. 

An interesting thing we found out was that each chakra we have issues with the most were related to our life path numbers in numerology (1 for Tameko and 3 for me).  1's deal with leadership, power, courage and 3's deal with self expression and creativity.  So it would be interesting to look at your life path in numerology and see if it relates to the chakra(s) you have been healing. Take this fun chakra test I found to see which chakras are balanced or imbalanced.  And here is a place where you can find out your life path number.

Tameko talked about her latest victory of going infront of the camera and singing for a few videos.  Since she has loved to sing for such a long time and this is truly her passion.  This helped her throat chakra AND solar plexus chakra with that courageous step. (yay Tameko! hehe)  It's intereting how connected the chakras really are.

Tameko is going to do another blog entry with some more tips she shared Thursday in healing the throat and solar plexus chakras since this is definitely her expertise. So as I go make some tea for my throat right now (a little scratchy), lol!  I am signing off with a video I did about a week ago on Staying True to You (a challenge) as I think this ties in really well with the chakra I have had the most trouble with (the throat).

Listen in next week on Thursday at 11 PM EST when we have our first guest and interview with Janet Darby on spreading the awareness of GMO's on our "The Truth About GMO's" show. If you want to be a guest on Soul SiSTARS e-mail us at  Also, follow us on twitter at @SoulSiSTARSbtr.  : )

Peace and Blessings! : )))

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