Friday, July 22, 2011

Staying True to You Part 1&2

Hey everyone! : )  So this week we did our first 2 parter show.  We were really excited for that! The first part was on Thursday and was about staying true to you in the midst of societal expectations or expectations from family and friends.  Some things we talked about during Part 1 were:

-Having a good sense of self esteem and empowering ourselves.

-Speaking up about any abuse we have been through and bringing it up the Light so we can move forward.

-Loving and embracing every aspect about yourself (physical, emotional, mental, etc)

-Letting go of comparing yourself with other people (friends, family, the media, society in general).

-Living for YOU and not for people's approvals.

-Making your JOY top priority. Letting go of needing to be "right" by other people's opinions.

-And having the COURAGE to unveil the mask you have been hiding behind and "coming out of the closet" in all aspects!

Here is a video I did that I feel relates to this topic called "Unveil the Mask and Let Your Light Shine":

So tonight on part 2 we focused more on the Spiritual aspect and talked a little about our Spiritual journeys.  Tameko started the show off by talking about the beautiful and insightful video she did called "Many Roads One Destination":

Some of the things we talked about tonight on Part 2 were:

-All paths in Life (religious or not) are okay because it is the Path for You.  If we all are going to a destination of "6" then it doesn't matter how we add it up, 1+5, 4+2, 3+3 because it all adds up to and leads to "6."

-Trusting in your heart for guidance.  Listening to this guidance in meditation or stillness.

-Everyone is a Spiritual Being playing the role of a human right now.

-Seeing through the illusions we hold onto to see our true radiant nature.

-Allowing yourself to explore different religions, teachings, etc. Not keeping yourself in a box.

-Tameko shared a meditation tip.

*And Tameko also recommended a book called "The Courage to Be Yourself" by Sue Patton Thoele*

So we really had fun with this topic and next week we will be talking about Natural Hair Care.  Sharing some tips and talking about our natural hair journeys.  So tune into that show next Thursday at 11 PM EST.  And check out all upcoming shows and any archived show at  Namaste! <3

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  1. Lovely Sis. I enjoyed doing the show with you this past week as always. I had a lot of fun. Peace! Have a great weekend!