About Tameko

Tameko Barnette is the author of four books, numerous articles, poems, and short stories, and her work has been featured in an anthology of African-American writers.

Tameko started writing when she was the age of eight in a diary.  While she participated in a few creative outlets such as drawing, painting, playing musical instruments, and dancing, writing was a sanctuary for her innermost thoughts and feelings in a way no other creative outlet has ever been, even now.

Tameko is still drawing, painting, playing around with music, and dancing in her living room when no one's watching, but writing remains her first love. 

In 2007, she started offering local workshops called Write Your Journey.  The workshops are topical with activities that include timed writing exercises, discussion, and even meditation in an attempt to unclutter the writer's mind, so the writing process can be carefree and enjoyable.

Her latest book, Light in You Unlimited: A Healing Journey is now available for purchase at the following sites - Publish America and Amazon

She also shares her thoughts and pieces of her personal path on the blog, Journey of a Butterfly. She is also embracing the joys of writing fiction again.

Check out her sites:

Blog - http://journeyofabutterfly1.blogspot.com
Videos - http://www.youtube.com/takiyarts