Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Truth About GMO's

This show was a real eye-opener for both Jennifer and I, as we interviewed Janet Darby, an advocate for healthy living and empowering one's self with more knowledge to help with more conscious living.

Janet explained that a GMO is a Genetically Modified Organism, which means that the plant's DNA is altered.  GMO's can be found in such common foods as corn, tomatoes, papayas, etc.  In addition, many of these foods are processed into other foods, which can make them GMO products.

Janet shared a few alternatives for those of us who may not be sure what our foods have in them, no matter where we shop. 

  • Try growing your own fruits and vegetables
  • Participate in a community gardening project in your area
  • Empower yourself with more knowledge about food
  • Check out Wikipedia on GMO's
  • For more information on what's going on with your food, check out
We were very excited to have Janet on with us on Thursday's show.  We hope you will take a listen to the show in the archives @ or click the page at the top of the blog to listen to the player there. 

Jennifer and I hope everyone empowers themselves with more information about the food they are eating.  We will certainly do the same ourselves. 

CORRECTION:  On last night's show, I stated at the end that our next week's show is on Natural Hair Care.   It's actually a 2-part series called Staying True to You, which will be airing Thursday, 7/21 @ 11pm EST and Friday, 7/22 @ 11pm EST.  Our "Natural Hair Care" show is scheduled to air on Thursday, 7/28 @ 11pm EST. 

So, please join us for these inspirational and informative shows we have coming up very soon. 

Peace & many blessings to you all! Thanks for listening!

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