The Story of Soul SiSTARs

Soul SiSTARs was born out of a new friendship via You Tube between Tameko (takiyarts) and Jennifer (11orangeankh11). 

One day, Jennifer put out a video on YT asking anyone who'd be interested in collaborating with her to create something wonderful to share more light in the world. I responded to her via inbox message on YT.

Thus...Soul SiSTARs was born. 

Jennifer and I collaborated on Soul SiSTARs for the past five months. Recently after a lot of soul searching, Jennifer decided to close the Soul SiSTARs chapter for herself and move forward on her path to other things. 

I have enjoyed this journey with Jennifer.  However,  after much soul searching of my own, I have decided to continue forward with Soul SiSTARs in a new way.

And so...a new chapter begins...

Soul SiSTARs - A Movement for Female Empowerment, Feminist Thought, Divine Feminine Energy, & Creative Force.

And so it is!