Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soul Guidance-"Letting Go"

Hi everyone : ) So today we changed the show to a Soul Guidance show because our guest couldn't be on for the Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle show. We allowed Spirit to guide us and the topic flowed into "Letting Go." Some points we covered:

-Letting go of our defenses and shells/shields. Through allowing our emotions to bubble up to the surface, we can release whatever needs to be released. By letting go of our defenses and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we become invulnerable. Feel your feelings all the way through.

Quote: "To transform breakdowns into breakthroughs is the whole function of a master." ~Osho

-Letting go of the need to control. Our true control comes from BEING in this moment, surrendering, and accepting all that Life has to offer. When we make room for God to work through us, we will see miracles everywhere. When we detach from the need to know details and the outcome, we flow with Life.

-Letting go of the past. We can heal the past when we let go of it through forgiveness. In this moment we are either choosing to hold onto the past or we are accepting and letting go. When we let go, this helps us create a future that isn't just a repeat of our unforgiven past.

-Letting go of the need to identify with what we do rather than what we ARE. When we let go of identifying with roles, identifications, etc and free ourselves from that box, we can live a limitless Life.  We are no longer playing it small or taking our human role so serious. Now we can play because we know we are Spirits/Being only playing the role of a human right now.

VIDEO: This is a Nature Wisdom Meditation I did on Vulnerability. When we are letting go, we are being vulnerable.  This opens us up to Life and Love. Our strength comes from the willingness to be vulnerable and then we become invulnerable.

Next week, Tameko will be interviewing Rev. Diane Scribner Clevenger on "Aligning with Your Authentic Self through Prayer." So tune in for that interview next Thursday at 9 AM EST. Thanks for listening to this week's show! Have a beautiful weekend. We all are officially in a new chapter. Let's embrace it. : ) Namaste. <333

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ebb & Flow Show - Golden Light Meditation

On this morning's show, I shared the following 15-minute meditation.  Use this at any time and as many times as you wish to keep you balanced and forever flowing with life in the BEST possible way.

Golden Light Meditation by Tameko

Take 3 deep breaths to center yourself. You want to be present in this moment.  No distractions. 

You are at the beach. Near the ocean. See a golden ray of light coming from the Heavens streaming gently through the top of your head, down your spine, and flowing into the core/center of the Earth. 

Hold this image for at least 15 minutes. Notice the light pulsating waves of warm energy up and down your spine.  Allow your natural flow of breathing to flow in synch with the pulsating waves of energy from the Golden Ray of Light. 

Listen to the archived broadcast along with using this blog to get the full scope of the meditation. Do this for at least 15 minutes, more if you'd like. 

I also asked these three questions to your subconscious and Higher Self.

1. What ebb is happening in your life now that requires you to go with the flow?
2. Are you willing to allow peace where there is so-called chaos?
3. Are you willing to accept that chaos is in truth Divine Order?

Breathe. Flow. Visualize. Ponder. Connect. Balance.

Peace to you! Namaste!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ebb & Flow Oracle Card

"Ocean: Ebb and Flow" card by Steven Farmer

"The Ebb and flow of Life is never more clearly represented than in oceans' movements. The tides of these great bodies of water rise and fall in regular rhythms, and the waves continue to roll to the shores in endless and varied patterns, just as they have been doing for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions more.

These tides and waves maintain a relative predictability unless other foreseeable forces of Nature intervene, which have been known to happen. Hurricanes and Earthquakes, for instance, can have a dramatic effect on the characteristics of both tides and the waves.

The oceans cover 70 percent of the Earth, and the human body averages a composition of 70 percent water. The dynamic gravitational interaction of the sun and moon that moves these massive bodies of water and creates the shifting tides also affects our human bodies in ways that we respond to instinctually, often having a great deal more influence over our moods and emotional states than we're aware of.

An important aspect in the art of living is to move with the ebb and flow of your emotions, joining their fluidity but not being captured by it. It is also not necessary to become obsessed with any particular fluctuation in mood or feeling.  They are simply emotions, often activated in ways that are completely beyond your understanding. When you neither minimize nor exaggerate the intensity and importance of your emotions, you then have a greater sense of when and how to express them.

You have been fighting the ebb and flow of your own feelings-denying your hurt, anger, or sorrow-by either attaching yourself to one or the other and nurturing it as if it were a nursing child, or else smoothing over your feelings with more practiced responses that deny and hide what is going on beneath the surface of your expression. When you attempt to constrict yourself from experiencing your emotions, it is much like trying to stem the tides that grow even more forceful with every attempt humans make to control them. Allow yourself to swim with these variations rather than resisting them."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creative Flow

Hi everyone! So today Tameko and I did a show called Creative Flow.  We were bringing back Tameko's former blog talk radio show called Creative Flow.  We shared some writing tips and tips in general to get your creativity flowing, sacral chakra opened, and tapping into your inner child.  I started the show off with two quotes.  One by Alan Alda about Creativity and one by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, on how writing is healing:

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you’re doing. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.”

~Alan Alda

“We should write because it is human nature to write. Writing claims our world. It makes it directly and specifically our own. We should write because humans are spiritual beings and writing is a powerful form of prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance.

We should write because writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living. Writing is sensual, experiential, grounding. We should write because writing is good for the soul. We should write because writing yields us a body of work, a felt path through the world we live in.

We should write, above all, because we are writers, whether we call ourselves that or not.”

~Julia Cameron

Here were the tips we shared that Tameko has shared during workshops she has done and in her new book "Light in You Unlimited" coming out soon (this Fall), tips I share with clients for Soul Exercises between their Meta-Soul Coaching sessions, and exercises from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron:
-Burning Bowls: Write down all fears, anything holding you back, negative thought patterns, and/or any negative ideas you have on pieces of paper. Light the papers on fire in a fire proof bowl. This will be a signal to Source that you are releasing all of this and are ready to replace it with something positive.
-Morning Pages: Julia Cameron shared a very healing exercise in The Artist's Way about writing 3 pages every single morning when you wake up.  This is very meditative as you write whatever thoughts come to mind. There is no "right" way to write as long as you write for 3 pages right when you wake up. Be free and have fun with it. You can ask Source a question the night before and in the morning pages the answer can come to you if you truly listen.
-Thoughts of the Day: This is a great exercise to do if you have just moved, or have a new job or new relationship, etc. Write down before going to bed key moments that really stuck out for you through-out the day. It is good to document new experiences in your Life. You can also see the synchronicities in your Life and it gives you a clearer perspective on situations and lessons in your Life.
-Forgiveness Letters: Write a letter to whatever it is you want to release or that is holding you back. It can be a person, situation, yourself (ego), or emotions like guilt, fear, procrastination, etc. In the beginning of the letter write however you are feeling towards them. Put it ALL out there. Vent. Allow everything to bubble up to the surface. Then near the end of the letter or in a new letter think about/reflect on all that you have learned from this emotion, person, situation, and then release. Be totally honest with yourself. Show gratitude and fore-give. Because without them you wouldn't be here right now healing and moving forward.
Here is a Break-Up Letter I wrote to Fear on my blog. It was comical at times but also quite healing to write.
-Being Playful: This is a great technique in tapping into our inner child. PLAY! Play in paint, play dough, color in a coloring book with some crayons, watch a cartoon you liked as a child, listen to music from when you were a child, etc.  Do anything fun and playful.  This helps us to see the magic in Life, be in the present moment, and not take Life so seriously. Lighten up! ; )
-Everyday Meditations: In the Artist's Way, Julia talks about looking at everything as a meditation and a way to be creative.  This can be done by cooking, baking, washing dishes, decorating, fun exercises, walking, etc. Anything you are doing, if you are mindful and totally into it, it becomes a meditation and it becomes a way to express creativity.  This also taps into our inner child because as children everything we did was a fun adventure because we were totally one with whatever was at hand.
-Freedom Exercise: Julia also talks about writing down everything you aren't allowed to do that you would do if you could.  Her examples were walking outside naked, punching your boss in the face, etc. The point of this exercise is to not judge ourselves for any thoughts or feelings we may have.  To not suppress them because they aren't "good" things to do. This gives us the freedom to write however we feel and to remember we aren't those feelings so allow them to move. This is a good exercise to vent and confront any anger feelings we may have suppressed.  At first it may be hard because we police ourselves, but if you allow yourself to do it, it can be very healing as you are freeing yourself from the burden of suppressing all of those feelings.
-BONUS Exercise (Game Night): Play games with friends and/or family that were your favorite games as a child. This is also good for healing and nurturing our inner child. Have Fun!! : )))

Here are some videos I made on creativity. The first one is Quotes on Creativity to really help you in allowing your creativity to flow. This is freedom. We become vessels for the Divine. The other video is on the 10 Principles of Creativity in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way book. Enjoy!

So next week's show will be a show called "Ebb and Flow" by Tameko. She will be relaxing at the Ocean doing a Soul Guidance styled show. So tune in next week at 9 AM EST to see what flows through her for the show.
Have a wonderful and healing weekend, Loves. October is definitely a time of change and rebirth.  Here is a great article on how October is the Turning Point month this year that I found recently. Hope it resonates! <3
You can always e-mail us at with any questions, if you want to be on the show or want to contact Tameko for her Chakra Healing, Tarot/Oracle Readings, and/or Guided Meditations services and other projects (like her book Light in You Unlimited coming out soon) and you can contact Jennifer (me) if you are interested in Meta-Soul Coaching sessions or having an Astrological and/or Numerological Report done. : )
As you can see we have a lot of projects and goodies happening right now that we wanted to share with all of you. We will get even more into Light in You Unlimited and Freedom from Ashes during our first Soul SiSTARS teleseminar the first week of December! So stay tuned! : ))) Namaste!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fatherless Children

Tonight I was joined by Charles Fox, who discussed with me a very important topic, "Fatherless Children." 

While we did not go over lots of statistics, in his line of work, Charles deals with young people daily.  He has seen firsthand the affects of young people who grow up without a father in the home.

One thing we discussed is how angry our young people seem to be and perhaps, they do not know why. 

We touched on how our relationships with our parents, or lack thereof, seems to shape our relationships with ourselves and with others throughout lives for better or for worse. 

While I did not advocate blaming the parents, I do feel that our relationships with our parents are key in our how develop our self-worth, including self-respect and self-love. 

We also discussed how important it is for young girls and young women to have a positive male role model in their lives if they did not grow up with a father in the home.  We tend to discuss the male issues, but females go through their own set of issues as a result of having a healthy relationship with their fathers or any males. 

Charles also mentioned that fatherless children is issue in many communities. 

I shared my own personal experiences with having a stepfather in the home but this didn't mean he was there mentally and emotionally. We both agreed that this is an interesting dynamic in the home as well. 

Needless to say, Charles and I had a very passionate and heartfelt discussion on this topic.  I certainly encourage you to check it out in the archives. You can click on the Soul SiSTARS Radio link above to listen to the media player there or visit

Next week, we'll be back at our regular time of 9am EST on Thursday, October 13th. I will be doing a show called Creative Flow, which will include some fun ideas and tips for creative writers.

Thank you for listening to Soul SiSTARS!  Jennifer and I appreciate your support and positive energy.

Peace & many blessings!