Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fatherless Children

Tonight I was joined by Charles Fox, who discussed with me a very important topic, "Fatherless Children." 

While we did not go over lots of statistics, in his line of work, Charles deals with young people daily.  He has seen firsthand the affects of young people who grow up without a father in the home.

One thing we discussed is how angry our young people seem to be and perhaps, they do not know why. 

We touched on how our relationships with our parents, or lack thereof, seems to shape our relationships with ourselves and with others throughout lives for better or for worse. 

While I did not advocate blaming the parents, I do feel that our relationships with our parents are key in our how develop our self-worth, including self-respect and self-love. 

We also discussed how important it is for young girls and young women to have a positive male role model in their lives if they did not grow up with a father in the home.  We tend to discuss the male issues, but females go through their own set of issues as a result of having a healthy relationship with their fathers or any males. 

Charles also mentioned that fatherless children is issue in many communities. 

I shared my own personal experiences with having a stepfather in the home but this didn't mean he was there mentally and emotionally. We both agreed that this is an interesting dynamic in the home as well. 

Needless to say, Charles and I had a very passionate and heartfelt discussion on this topic.  I certainly encourage you to check it out in the archives. You can click on the Soul SiSTARS Radio link above to listen to the media player there or visit

Next week, we'll be back at our regular time of 9am EST on Thursday, October 13th. I will be doing a show called Creative Flow, which will include some fun ideas and tips for creative writers.

Thank you for listening to Soul SiSTARS!  Jennifer and I appreciate your support and positive energy.

Peace & many blessings!

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