Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soul Guidance-"Letting Go"

Hi everyone : ) So today we changed the show to a Soul Guidance show because our guest couldn't be on for the Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle show. We allowed Spirit to guide us and the topic flowed into "Letting Go." Some points we covered:

-Letting go of our defenses and shells/shields. Through allowing our emotions to bubble up to the surface, we can release whatever needs to be released. By letting go of our defenses and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we become invulnerable. Feel your feelings all the way through.

Quote: "To transform breakdowns into breakthroughs is the whole function of a master." ~Osho

-Letting go of the need to control. Our true control comes from BEING in this moment, surrendering, and accepting all that Life has to offer. When we make room for God to work through us, we will see miracles everywhere. When we detach from the need to know details and the outcome, we flow with Life.

-Letting go of the past. We can heal the past when we let go of it through forgiveness. In this moment we are either choosing to hold onto the past or we are accepting and letting go. When we let go, this helps us create a future that isn't just a repeat of our unforgiven past.

-Letting go of the need to identify with what we do rather than what we ARE. When we let go of identifying with roles, identifications, etc and free ourselves from that box, we can live a limitless Life.  We are no longer playing it small or taking our human role so serious. Now we can play because we know we are Spirits/Being only playing the role of a human right now.

VIDEO: This is a Nature Wisdom Meditation I did on Vulnerability. When we are letting go, we are being vulnerable.  This opens us up to Life and Love. Our strength comes from the willingness to be vulnerable and then we become invulnerable.

Next week, Tameko will be interviewing Rev. Diane Scribner Clevenger on "Aligning with Your Authentic Self through Prayer." So tune in for that interview next Thursday at 9 AM EST. Thanks for listening to this week's show! Have a beautiful weekend. We all are officially in a new chapter. Let's embrace it. : ) Namaste. <333

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