Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Show & Announcement

Hello everyone,

Today's show was short and to the point. I started off with reiterating Jennifer's loving departure from the show and went on to discuss to the new energy surrounding Soul SiSTARs from this day forward.

One of my passions as a woman of color has been to contribute to the well-being in some way or another to girls and women all over the world. Therefore, I decided to use the radio show for this purpose.

I had an embarrassing, somewhat scary moment right in the middle of talking on the show while walking down Main street. A huge dog ran towards a fence barking at me. It startled me and all that was caught on the radio. Oh well! I'm alive. The dog is alive.  It's all good.

The regular show gets started again on Thursday 11/17/11 @ 11am EST.  I will be talking about a very moving documentary that I watched on OWN called Miss Representation about the images of girls and women in the media. 

Next Tuesday, I'll be giving an overview of feminism and my thoughts on it as a necessity these days to help raise awareness of the needs of all females and the consciousness of all girls and women. 

Of course, next Thursday on the 24th it's Thanksgiving. So I will not be doing a show at all. I will be feasting like all of you.

Peace & blessings to you. Tune in this coming Thursday morning!


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