Thursday, September 15, 2011

Repair vs. Preventive Health Interview

Today we had a VERY informative interview with Amir Muhammad, a very passionate aspiring health and wellness entrepreneur and business owner.  He gave us some great tips on how to take preventive measures in regards to our health.  Preventive health practices make it so we don't have to take repair procedures (surgery, medicine, etc).  This cuts down on not only on a lot of money, time, frustration, and stress, but it can save your life!  This can help us live a happy and healthy Life.  When our body is healthy, our soul is healthy and vice-versa.  When our mind is healthy, our body is healthy.  Everything is interconnected.  Amir's main message is that the body can heal itself and we can find what we need to prevent disease or heal disease in Nature.  Gaia has all that we need to keep our temples in tip-top shape hehe.  So some of the tips (be sure to listen to the archived show for the plethora of rich information Amir shared with us) that Amir shared with us this morning were:

-Drinking more water. Try aiming at drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily.  Water has so many healing properties.  Water and fiber together are great for healthy digestion and elimination.

-Aim at eating 6 small meals a day and eating some healthy snacks in between.  This will give your body the energy it needs through-out the day.

-Eating more organic fruits and vegetables.  Some fruits and veggies he mentioned were: broccoli (great for women's health), blackberries (very high in antioxidants), blueberries (high in antioxidants), peaches, mangoes, strawberries (high in vitamin c), and acerola cherries (the best fruit for vitamin c intake).

-Cutting back on sugary foods and overcooked, fried, and processed foods.  Try eating mangoes or other sweet fruits when transitioning to cutting back on sugary foods and aim at eating foods that are broiled, steamed, and/or fresh.

-Finding a work-out that you can do consistently that you enjoy doing.  Finding something fun to you will ensure that you stick with it and it can be a great stress reliever!  Here's a great quote by Amir in regards to exercise, "Go at your pace, it's not a race, it's a lifestyle change."

Amir's Contact Information:

Twitter: @Wealthy23
Health Blog:

So next week will be a meditation music special on Thursday at 9 AM EST.  We have some exciting changes that will be happening in October for the show and us personally.  So stay tuned for some really neat things!  We will be adding some pages to this blog that will be updating you with what Soul SiSTARS has in store. ; ) hehehe  So have a wonderful weekend yall!  NAMASTE!

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