Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yin and Yang Energies Show

Hey yall! So tonight was a very exciting topic.  Tameko aka Ms. Energy lol and I loved doing this show.  It was on Yin and Yang energies.  It was the first part of a series we are doing this week.  Tomorrow night at 11 PM EST will be our show on the Divine Feminine and the Sacral Chakra (my favorite...ORANGE..yay! lol)  So tune in tomorrow night for that one!

So as a recap of tonight's show on Yin and Yang energies, SiSTAR Tameko and I talked about:

-The importance of embracing both Yin AND Yang energies.

-How embracing both energies leads to peace, balance, wholeness, and harmony.

-Yin: Dark, Slow, Yielding, Water, Earth, Cold, Passive, femininity, night time, the Moon.

-Yang: Light, Fast, Aggressive, Fire, Sky, Hard, Solid, Masculinity, day time, and the Sun.

-That Yin and Yang are complete opposites yet perfectly equal.

-Dualities and Nonduality/ONEness

-Daoism and Tameko read verse 4 from the Dao Te Ching.  You can research furthermore on Daoism on wiki or

-Tameko shared some techniques that help in balancing Yin and Yang like the art of Qigong.

-Tameko also shared a technique for awakening our Yin energy with Yin Yoga (here are some links for Yin Yoga)- AND

-Tameko also shared a technique where you can look up a picture of the Yin-Yang symbol and use it for a meditation by staring at it for about 5-10 minutes.  This will help with balancing the two energies within.

-Lol Tameko was on fire tonight because she also shared an affirmation that came through to her which was "I AM in Balance. I AM in Harmony. I AM at Peace."

So those were some of the highlights of tonight's show.  And we are really excited for tomorrow's show at 11 PM EST on the Divine Feminine and the Sacral Chakra.  So we will be talking about the Goddesses, Gaia aka Mother Earth, and so much more! So be sure to tune into that show.  And if you can't catch any of our shows live, then you can always listen to the recording here:  Our e-mail for any potential guests or for our Soul Guidance feature is and be sure to follow us on twitter @SoulSiSTARSbtr for updates.  One last thing, lol, we also have a facebook page-Soul SiSTARS!

Have a wonderful night Divine siblings and we will join with you again tomorrow at 11 PM EST. NAMASTE! <333

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