Friday, August 5, 2011

Divine Feminine & the Sacral Chakra

Hello everyone!  Jennifer and I just completed part 2 of the Yin/Yang and Divine Feminine energies series a few moments ago on Blog Talk Radio.  We had a blast! 

We shared information on the Sacral Chakra, which is located between the navel and base of the spine or groin area.  The color of it is orange. It spins in a clockwise motion when it is balanced. So naturally you should visualize your sacral chakra spinning. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the Earth element, which is also a part of the Yin energies that we discussed on Thursday night's show as well.  So it is associated with feminine energies/qualities/aspects.

As for the Divine Feminine, we had a wonderful time talking about Mother Earth (Gaia) and how she needs our love and attention.  There is nothing wrong with revering the Earth and all of nature.  Heal the Earth, we Heal ourSelves.

We discussed the Triple Goddess, which is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.  This triple deity or Feminine Holy Trinity represents the cycle of life as well as the cycle of the moon. 

Maiden - Birth - Waxing Moon
Mother - Life - Full Moon
Crone - Death/Rebirth - Waning Moon

By honoring Goddesses or Female Deities, we are honoring that part of ourselves that embodies those same qualities.  Thus, we heighten our divine feminine energies, which can heal the world. 

We talked about how particularly women of color and women in general are in need of embracing their feminine qualities and energies. 

Some suggestions for embracing the Divine Feminine:

Chakra Clearing (Sacral Chakra)
Yin Yoga

For further study & research:

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Crystalinks - and search for Triple Goddess or Goddess

You can simply Google, Bing, or Yahoo - Yin/Yang, Divine Feminine, Triple Goddess, Sacral Chakra and you will find youreslf in the midst of a plethora of information.

Join us next week on 8/11/11 @ 11pm EST for our show called, "Breaking Out of the Cocoon."  This is a show you don't want to miss as we will be discussing true FREEDOM. 

Peace & blessings!

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