Friday, June 24, 2011

Our "Following Your Dreams" Show

So our second show was tonight.  Well technically yesterday lol.  And it was on Following Your Dreams.  We experienced some technical difficulties as Blog Talk Radio switched up the technology on us lol, but we really had a great soulful conversation on following your dreams, heart, and passions!

This is a very important topic to Tameko and I because we feel as if we are in the process of letting go of fear and following our Divine Plan, our dreams, our heart, etc.  And we feel as if this is so important for everyone to allow.  We had so many discussions, just on the phone, about our personal experience with this.  Where we feel as if sometimes when you seem to lose things, it is the Universe's way of opening you up to truly living a Life that resonates with your heart.  It is a blessing in disguise and may seem confusing and scrambled, but everything happens for a reason.  And when you look back a year from now to where you were now, you will be like "Ahh..I see now, the pieces were just all coming together."

Tameko and I decided to take on the topic at hand by sharing tips we came up with in regards to following you dreams.  So Tameko started out with her first tip which was having courage.  Being able to leave your comfort zone and face that fear.  This tied into one of my points of using fear as guidance rather than running away from it or resisting it.  To be able to feel the fear and do it anyways!

Then my next tip was letting go of comparisons.  Because I personally have had trouble following my dreams because I have compared myself with other people and their life path and even comparing myself with myself in the past.  Embracing your unique life path and living authentically takes courage, but it is crucial in following our dreams. This also requires us to let go of others' expectations and opinions of us and just do you!  Tameko then brought up how she has felt herself comparing herself with others even in the spiritual community in regards to thinking to herself  "Wow maybe I should be doing more than I am now."  We both realized that where we are NOW is where we are "supposed" to be.

Tameko then went into her tip which was having Trust. Trusting that everything is working out and embracing the unknown.  She mentioned that when you are so used to a certain routine and feeling as if you know what to expect, it can feel scary to let go of this and fully embrace the unknown.  To let go of the past.  I mentioned that letting go of the need for control is really important also.  This transitioned me into my next tip which was surrendering and trusting in Life.  I mentioned that when we fully trust and let the Universe handle the "how's," doors open where we once thought were walls.  We are in alignment with the Universe now, when we have that courage to follow our hearts.

So I came up with another tip during the show and it was to let go of resistance.  Sometimes we resist things because we fear change, but that fear is guiding us to delve deeper into our hearts.  Resistance can keep us from following our dreams.  But simply feel that resistance and allow it.  It was funny because Tameko's last point tied into this too.  And we also mentioned the importance of detaching from outcomes and remaining open to the endless possibilities.  Tameko talked about how synchronicities happen all the time to help us in following our dreams.  And to follow your inner guidance.

So we LOVED this discussion and next week's show is on Being at a Crossroads and we feel as if this is kind of like a Part 2 to Following Your Dreams since they can relate soo much!  So we will be back to do that show next Thursday at 11 PM EST. : )  Also, if you want to write into us with any questions for our Soul Guidance feature, e-mail us at  We will answer your questions and then feature one answer LIVE on our show, anonymously and related to the show topic at hand. : )  So thank you for listening to Soul SiSTARS and checking out our blog!  We have so much in store for you! Peace and Blessings!

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." ~Paulo Coelho

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